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Stories Of Joy

Reading is believing and it is always wonderful to hear about the joy people experience when they receive the Word of God! Below are a few of the stories that have come into Spread the Word over the years. Submit your own story and photo on our Share Your Bible Story Page.

Hello and thank you for your e-mail.

Attached is a photo of us preparing the Gospels ready to be sent out to British prisoners all over the world. We send them to the prisoners we are in contact with when they request them, often in the early stages of imprisonment. They provide an enormous comfort for people in prison who are often very vulnerable.

We will attempt to gather feedback and comments from those we send them to, and hope to be able to send that to you in due course.

With very best wishes, and thanks once again.


Greetings servants of God.

I run School in Nairobi, Kenya called Anointed high school and in school we have a department called Christian Union CU. I have student representative of the department and in a while they have been praying for bibles, today I gave out these bibles to them. Below are the photos attached God bless you for your kind consideration. And I pray for future partnership. God bless you so much.

Bishop Lucas Wafula.

Greetings in the name Jesus Christ.

This Ps. Neo Moeng from Streams of Living Waters Family Church in Benoni.

We are urgently looking for anyone who could assist with minimum of 100 Bibles to give to kids at our church and most of these kids are from a very poor background and parents can’t afford to buy them bibles.

I have attached images of some the kids in need of the bibles.

Your response will highly be appreciated.

Pastor Neo Moeng


Dear FBC Gospels Bibles,

Greetings from Samuel Waluchio Simwa from Bungoma Western Kenya! I sent my heartfelt gratitude to Spread the Word Bibles for good work at here Mabanga Bungoma Kenya.

Thank you. I request you to send me 40-Gospels Bibles.

Let me know if you have shipped Bibles.


“We use Spread the Word Gospels Bibles for our daily devotions.

We are so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for Bibles.

It has been a wonderful tool for our Disciplers Bible Studies Ministry using for Evangelize unreached or Lost people.

We are continuing to meet with Lost people, We are meeting to unreached people through Gospels Bibles , Was very powerful teaching Tools, Helpful and Understand.

Our Disciplers Groups is growing in number but men and women who comes are very dedicated to God’s word.

In times like these it is especially medicine to our Hearts, Minds and Souls.

Thanks so much !
We love these books and find them so helpful “.

Pastor Samuel Simwa


I am writing to inform you that I have received the 15 copies of the bible that you sent us. You need to see the joyous moods of the kids. This will definitely makes our bible study classes to be rich because all the kids who can read now have their own God’s word.

We are pretty grateful.

God bless you all. Amen



Happy new year

Gospels here!


Pastor Edward Mikwamba

I hope you are doing well for working on the lord very very wonderful. i thank god for your kindness and love your great my friend. Thank you so much for sending two pasels boxes and those you promised is arrived we received 40 gospels read books and I appreciate for that thank you so much God bless you my friend. This coming Sunday i need to share all of those.
And many people they said is wonderful things they said if you have Bibles in our Chichewa language or this you send to us in Chichewa language it will be helpful also.

But you do great job.
And I will send to you pictures u to see what we are doing here very wonderful.


I wanted to report that the first of 25,000 Spanish copies of the Treasure Hunt New Testament are beginning to land in Central America. 15,000 English Treasure Hunt New Testaments are headed to partners in Africa and should be in countries by the end of April.

This past weekend, Kendra Doutt handed out many of these in Nicaraguan communities that had been hard hit by hurricanes in November. The pictures are amazing!! In Guatemala, Eric Rivera travelled into the jungle for a medical/feeding mission. Bibles were given out to children who had never had Bibles. The response to these New Testaments has been beyond exuberant!! The kids are loving them. At the end of the month, we will be in Honduras and participate in giving our Bibles to some very remote locations. Additionally, the second order of Red Letter Gospels are beginning to make their way into our partner’s hands. Red Letter Gospel’s are already in the Philippines and Malawi. Shipping is being planned for the supply that is currently at the warehouse. Our partners continue to report what great tools these are for sharing the hope of Jesus.

This year, FTH will have the privilege of distributing over 250,000 pieces of Bible materials (Red Letter Gospels, Treasure Hunt New Testaments, and full Bibles). Thank you for all that Spread the Word does to resource our efforts of Bible distribution.


FTH Director of Ministry

Thank you again for the work that Spread the Word does in getting Bibles to our feeding teams. We continue to get such positive feedback from our partners on the impact that these Bibles are having in so many lives. As you are aware, Spread the Word purchased 45,000 Treasure Hunt New Testaments to hand out to children in our program. These Bibles were specifically created with 9-12 year old children in mind. Think this is the most fun study Bible that exists! Today, we received pictures from our team in Zambia. They received 20 copies of the Bible and are expecting a container anytime with 1,200 more.

I just returned home from Zambia. Our campus pastors are using the Red Letter Gospel with the older students. This is what I was sent from the campus pastor at Chongwe –

The red letter gospel that was gifted to secondary students at Chongwe school and has been of immense impact on the life of the personal and group bible for the enhancement spiritual growth. During group studies, morning class devotions, the red letter gospel has been used to help in the application of scripture, where students have not had the opportunity to read scripture for themselves. Particularly, David a grade 9 boy testifies, “this book has helped me a lot as it gives me an opportunity to read and understand the Bible on my own, pray and grow and share I have the desire to share it with other children in school and at home.
Thank you Spread the Word for the great gifts of these Bibles!!

Judie Bartles

President CEO of Africa Vision of Hope

We wanted to pass along these photos from today of the Red Letter Gospel.  Our campus pastor in Lusaka visited a small private school where he was asked to share the gospel.  There were 47 students who gave their lives to Christ, he also gave those students a Red Letter Gospel. Before he left he met with the teachers encouraging them to have regular bible studies to help disciple these students.

Judie Bertels

President CEO of Africa Vision of Hope

Hello family Broadcasting Corporation Staff,

Greetings from Samuel Waluchio Simwa from Bungoma Western Kenya! I have fellowship with the Discipleship groups and given gospels Bibles to them. We are in need Gospels Bibles because, We are in Area needs Bibles!

Send me more Bibles !

I just heard from Carlos Saavedra in Honduras. Recently, we started a feeding program in a remote area of northern Honduras occupied by an indigenous tribe called the Ch’orti. There are about 5,000 Ch’orti that live in Honduras. They are very isolated in the mountains that border Guatemala. One of the pastors serving the Ch’orti began the feeding ECED feeding program in a village where they serve about 50 children every day. When the pastor found out that we have the Treasure Hunt Bibles for children, he asked if we could have enough copies to give one to each child in the village. When the pastor began handing the Bibles out, the children were very excited. For many, this is the first book they have ever owned. The pastor watched the children head off and begin reading the Bibles. While the village is normally pretty noisy with children playing, there was very little sound for over an hour as the kids absorbed the words of the Bibles they had been given. One of the boys approached the pastor and told him, “This is the nicest gift that I have every received.”

I have 3 pictures that he sent with the story but they look like they were taken with an older mobile phone or maybe a potato. I’ve attached them to this email.

Thank you for all that Spread the Word does for us!!

Greetings servants of the most High God. Thank you for the books which you sent to our home church. I have received all of them there was 5 Gospels track . I have distributed all of them, and blow are the pictures of those who are received. Many members wants these books and it brought confusion to other members. So please send us more to cover the least. God will multiply your finances.

Thank you and God bless you all and your ministry.

Yours His service

Maybin Kapombo

Every Child Every Day open doors Village Headman Mazongoza of Khombwe testified that he has experienced the full love of God in his community through the feeding program. The community leader said that his community was one of the most hit hard by the malnutrition among children. He said since the beginning of the program 4 years ago, change has been noticed in the community. He also said that the program that goes together with the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ has changed him. He testified that he surrendered his life to Christ and that he has since stopped drinking beer and other things which derails faith. He has started going to church after over 50 years since he stopped. He then asked for the Bible and the Red Letter Gospel is been presented to him. Glory be to God.

Roger Walterhouse

Feed the Hungry

Hello servants of God. Christian greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ . I hope and trust you doing well.

Dear saints i want to let you know that i have received the books and here is the pictures of distribution.

Many members wants these books, so kindly if you can purchase us more. Please you can, it’s like everyone is wanting these kind of Gospel track.

Please help them those who have left out. Your help will mean a lot to me and to the members of the church.

Thank you and God bless you all and your ministry.
Yours faithfully.

Precious Kunda