How It Works

How It Works

Spread the Word receives requests from individuals finding the Spread the Word website almost on a daily basis. Their information is taken down, and a line of communication opened with them to make sure we clearly understand what they are needing and where the Bibles are going. These requests are then packaged up, loaded up on pallets and then shipped from our warehouse in South Bend, Indiana to the far ends of the world every month.

Spread the Word is also able to provide pallets of Bibles in various languages for the different feeding programs of their partner organization Feed the Hungry. Many times the pallets of Bibles are shipped directly to the feeding programs in places such as Honduras, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, Philippines, and many more. This enables the local pastors running the feeding programs to then pass out not just the physical food they have available but also the spiritual food along with it. With a full stomach and a full heart, Feed the Hungry and Spread the Word are working together to help foster that a full life feels good.

The Scripture & More!

In addition to the Red Letter Gospels, Spread the Word has been able to partner with Biblica to provide materials to Feed the Hungry’s feeding programs that are written to help children and young adults grow in their spiritual walk.

The Treasure Hunt New Testament

Through their partnership with Biblica, Spread the Word has been able to expand their distribution to include materials geared specifically for children and young adults. The Treasure Hunt New Testament Bible is an engaging user-friendly bridge between Bible stories and God’s Word. It teaches children that reading and studying God’s Word is fun while also helping parents answer some of the difficult questions about God that children may ask. At a FTH feeding program in northern Honduras, Treasure Hunt New Testaments were given out to all the children in the village. This is the story that was shared back with us: Recently, FTH started a feeding program in a remote area of northern Honduras occupied by an indigenous tribe called the Ch’orti. There are about 5,000 Ch’orti that live in Honduras. They are very isolated in the mountains that border Guatemala. One of the pastors serving the Ch’orti began the feeding program in a village where they serve about 50 children every day. When the pastor found out that we have the Treasure Hunt Bibles for children, he asked if we could have enough copies to give one to each child in the village. When the pastor began handing the Bibles out, the children were very excited. For many, this is the first book they have ever owned. The pastor watched the children head off and begin reading the Bibles. While the village is normally pretty noisy with children playing, there was very little sound for over an hour as the kids absorbed the words of the Bibles they had been given. One of the boys approached the pastor and told him, “This is the nicest gift that I have every received.”

Reach4Life Bibles

In addition to the Treasure Hunt New Testaments, Spread the Word is also able to provide Reach4Life Bibles. This specialized Bible is geared toward young adults with the intention of helping youth deal with the specific issues that are affecting them today- drug abuse, sexual activity, family relationships, money, social media, and more. In a Barna Research survey in 2022, Barna found, “There is a strong correlation between being committed to following Jesus and experiencing satisfaction, support and stability. Christian teens committed to following Jesus tend to have a positive view of themselves and more certainty about who they are.” In addition to the physical book, Reach4Life has developed a companion app to help reach youth in a format that many of them are familiar with. With the goal of getting young people to read and engage with the Bible for themselves, Reach4Life is a tool that can help the world’s youth know their identity, community, meaning and purpose in life.


Spread the Word has been able to always work with their partner organization Feed the Hungry. All biblical materials for the Spread the Word have also always been printed by Biblica- The International Bible Society.