Faith, Family and Friends

Oftentimes it is the family unit, friends, and neighbors that are receiving a Bible, not just one individual – this magnifies the impact of our ministry.

What’s even greater, is when we’re able to send multiple Bibles to families or groups that distribute them in communities where Bibles are difficult to obtain.

EKEI from Nigeria writes, “Thank you very much. We got our copies of the Bible delivered to our home here in Nigeria, my son and I. Receiving these Bibles will make work easier for us in the mission field as we intend to give them out to those who do not have. God bless you tremendously.”

Your GIFT of $100 will help our family to keep sending Bibles to families like EKEI’s across the globe!

We pray that you have a summer filled with your family and friends, and that you stay safe and in God’s hands all summer long.

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