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Spread the Word

Redemption through Jesus Christ is a revolution, one changed life at a time. Spread the Word has the audacious goal of sending a copy of The Gospels to every single person that needs one, the world over.

Please help.
Send Kids Gospel Kits.

Spread the Word is partnering with LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry® to not only provide physical food to children in orphanages, outreach centers and Christian schools around the world, but also give these children spiritual food that will transform their lives and the lives of those they influence!

Now I hope you will take another step and equip the children we feed together with age-appropriate, life-changing Bible study materials.  SPREAD THE WORD is partnering with FEED THE HUNGRY to provide these life-changing Bible study guides!

Just $15 sends one Kids Gospel Kit!

If you can give generously, $150 sends TEN Kids Gospel Kits! If you can send ten, we will say thank you by sending you a copy of Oral Roberts’ Book, “The Ultimate Voice:  God’s still small voice:  the clearest and loudest voice you’ll ever hear!”

With your help we can give out 25,000 Kids Gospel Kits in the next six months.

Within a year, God only knows what kind of harvest we would see!

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