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Spread the Word

Redemption through Jesus Christ is a revolution, one changed life at a time. Spread the Word has the audacious goal of sending a copy of The Gospels to every single person that needs one, the world over.

Emmanuel Daisi travels and ministers to families, children and those that are in the most need. 

Because of your support, Spread the Word provides him Gospels to give away sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

HE NEEDS MORE. Your gift can help.

Because of your financial support, God’s Word is changing the world over. Will you continue to make a difference and send God’s Word to a needy world?

Spread the Word is ready to ship 10,000 copies of the Gospel.  Just $5 sends ONE Gospel. Your gift of $100 would send 20 Gospels. A generous gift of $210 would send a whole case of 42 Gospels!  $50,000 is desperately needed to meet the demand for God’s Word.

Will you help make a difference in the lives of these precious people in Nigeria and Emmanuel Daisi? Just $5 sends one Gospel. A gift of $50 will send 10 Gospels.

If you can give generously, $210 sends an entire case of Gospels – 42 copies! If you can give to send a case, we will say thank you by sending you a copy of Oral Roberts’ Book, “The Ultimate Voice:  God’s still small voice:  the clearest and loudest voice you’ll ever hear!”

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