“We believe, when we give them this Gospel, which is having the red letter edition, we believe they can easily read it and understand. I think this is the best gift that would really help to change the life of the youth.”
– Pastor Alfred, Uganda

God’s Word gives people HOPE

Send The Gospel across the world to those seeking HOPE!

Every $5 you give now provides one person with The Gospels.

The Gospels hold the tangible proof of God’s redeeming power of love in this world.

We often forget what a privilege it can be for those of us that have our own copy the Bible. We can read it whenever we need to hear the wise words taught by Jesus Christ. We are able to prayerfully pour over the words documenting His life, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection – God’s great sacrifice for our own salvation.

Will you SEND 20 people the hope-filled words of Jesus?

Your GIFT of $100 will send The Gospels to 20 precious people who will receive the words spoken by Jesus in Red Letter Edition!

Please GIVE hope today!

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