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Redemption through Jesus Christ is a revolution, one changed life at a time. Spread the Word has the audacious goal of sending a copy of The Gospels to every single person that needs one, the world over.

The Life-Changing Power of GOD’S WORD

We often hear the phrase, “It’s not just a book,” but do we contemplate what the phrase means?

What does physically holding or touching the Gospel mean to people living with almost nothing?

For millions of people struggling to simply survive, it can mean that someone in the world thought of them, thought of their circumstances, and gave generously to provide for them what they themselves could never afford.

Edgard from Nicaragua says, “The people of my country are in deep need. They’ve been in darkness. They need to know what God says to them. But it is so difficult for people to get a Bible, because they do not have enough money to buy one.”

Spread the Word’s mission is to provide people around the world with the life-changing Gospel. 

We give people the physical Word of God in their own language, so that they can have the spiritual Word of God in their hearts.

Please GIVE today! For just $5, you can send someone not just a book, but the life-changing power of God’s Word.

If you can GIVE $50, you can impact 10 lives waiting to be changed by the Gospel!

Pray that God continues to keep His Hands on the vulnerable around the world during COVID-19. That He moves the hearts of those with plenty to help those with little. And that we all follow His Word.

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