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Spread the Word

Spread the Word has the audacious goal of sending 1,000 Gospels on Giving Tuesday.

SPREAD THE WORD this Giving Tuesday!

Imagine your church only having one bible!

Minister Ramos in Honduras shared this need. “With only one Bible to read from, it is very difficult for people to read and study God’s Word on their own. It would be wonderful for each person to have their own Bible.” A precious gift that is hard to imagine here in the United States.

Because of YOU here, Spread the Word is making a difference there in Honduras!

Will you help change the number of Gospels available to Minister Ramos to distribute in Honduras? They desperately need God’s Word! Just $5 sends ONE Gospel.

Giving Tuesday is December 3rd!  Spread the Word plans to participate in this global day of giving by raising funds to send Gospels to those around the world that are desperately asking for one!

For 24 hours we’ll raise money to provide a copy of God’s Word for Men, Women, Children and Families.

With your help, our goal is to send 1,000 Gospels in just ONE day!  It takes $5 to print and ship a Gospel.  So our goal is $5,000 to make it happen, and we need you.

To help send a Gospel and the LOVE of Jesus you can:

  • Give!
  • Share our campaign with your friends and family
  • Or Become a monthly supporter and share the Word of God year round.

God’s Word is powerful and lives are being changed because of your donations.  Churches in Honduras are growing because they can read and study God’s Word!

Please help.

Spread the Word is proud of the number one. One Million is the number of Bibles sent out thus far through the program. One million men, women and children have received the gift they’ve longed for, prayed for and it’s because one donor like you believed you could make a difference.

Will you continue to send God’s Word to a needy world on Giving Tuesday?

Join us in reaching the untold billions, yet untold.

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